What’s Booksy?

Do you prefer to book your appointment to barber, spa or hairstylist online? Then booksy is the perfect app for you. This great start-up made by polish enterpriser Stefan Batory is a free booking system, which helps in scheduling appointments for health and buries services. What is more booksy provides two versions of the app. So if you are the owner of earlier mentioned services you can manage appointments, payment or customer communication on your smartphone. It’s not a surprise that the app has grown so much, we are used to the convenience and like to do things by our smartphones whenever we want.


Recently Booksy started cooperation with Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Yelp what allows the user to book his visit faster. Except for these online giant companies, another brand joined to Booksy. L’Oreal connected his network of  900 salons to the app what makes Booksy number one in this market and one of the biggest polish start ups.

So far the company operates in over 80 countries but as said Stefan Batory in an interview for Business Insider the company focus on US, UK, Polish, Spain, Brasilian and RPA markets.

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