Social Media Monitoring – Brand24

If you are running a company or you are an influencer and You would like to know what’s your reputation is, then you need to check out Brand24. This polish IT enterprise is well known for its social media analytics tool. Tens of thousands of companies all over the world including giants like Intel, Carlsberg, IKEA, Raiffeisen Polbank, H&M, Vichy, Panasonic, Crédit Agricole use their service.

What are the benefits of using Brand24 you may ask?

According to customers, Brand24 is an irreplaceable tool to analyze the effects of their social campaigns.  Monthly summary reports clearly show how brand awareness and its products change. What is more, you will know what actually trends are, basically what potential customers want and hows your campaign works.


For your comfort, Brand24 made a mobile app where you can check all necessary stats. Its layout is very clear and simple so you won’t feel confused.

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